Mukahi Gakuto Profile 40.5

Graciously translated by @AT0BE on Twitter.

Mukahi Gakuto

He will never lose in an aerial battle! An acrobat who dances beautifully in the skies


Hyotei Gakuen Middle School, Year 3, Class D, Seat 24
Birthday: September 12 (Virgo)
Blood type: B
Special technique: Moonsault Volley

School committee: Athletics
Worst subjects: Politics & Economics
Most visited place in school: Rooftop
Elementary school: Hyotei Gakuen Elementary School
What he uses his allowance for: Hanging out with friends
Motto: One jump a day (a saying he made up in grade school)
Favorite movie: Spiderman
Favorite book: Shounen manga (sports)
Favorite music: Hip-hop
Ideal date spot: Amusement park (so he can bungee jump)
Thing he wants the most right now: Wings on his back
Daily routine: Sending messages to his friends (around 100 a day)
Dislikes: Ghost stories & his dad
Talents aside from tennis: Skateboarding, street dancing

Personal Data

Height: 158cm
Weight: 48kg
Shoe size: 25cm
Eyesight: Left & Right 1.5
Vertical Jump: 120cm

Jumping power that easily exceeds the average middle school boy!
Despite having one of the smallest frames among the Hyotei regulars, his vertical jumps are the best of the best! At his best, he can even reach Kabaji’s height, who is over 30cm taller than him.

There is no “looking back” in Mukahi’s dictionary. The only thing he learned from experiencing defeat from having low stamina is to shorten his matches. In order to win he aims to get higher and faster!

He doesn’t correct his weaknesses but he strengthens his talents! His refreshing positivity is his strong point.

Let’s Analyze Mukahi!!

Daily Routine: Messaging Friends

He is a straightforward person that gains a lot of friends. He honestly says what is on his mind and it mysteriously draws people toward him. Due to this he has to send about 100 messages a day.

He defends his friends and he is respectful. These are a few reasons why he has a lot of friends.

His Play Style is a Short Decisive Battle

His rash personality brings him misfortune?!

Mukahi’s acrobatic tennis is a talent due to his unique reflexes but his normal behaviors are mostly a reaction to his spinal reflexes. Instead of thinking, his body quickly reacts… His amazing reflexes sometimes cause him to act recklessly which can lead to unexpected misfortune.

A Gaze into Mukahi

Looking Through a Crystal Ball

Short Tempered and Stubborn
On the surface, he has a gentle and delicate image but on the inside he is a little short-tempered and stubborn. That leads him to not whine when he is in front of people. Also, since he has a hasty personality, the actions he takes sometimes have unexpected failures and consequences…

As for love and relationships, he is an idealist with high standards. He can clearly determine what he likes in a person and it slips out, which leads him to trouble, but he never does it out of hate.

A Small Trivia from Oshitari!!

He often runs away from home if he fights with his father.
He is really the type to say whatever he feels and he doesn’t even think of the consequences. But 7 times in one month is too much? The people you can stay with have a limit too.

Opinions from his Rivals!!

from Inui Sadaharu
“I was fooled when Mukahi started jumping during the first half of our matches despite him having low stamina.”

from Tooyama Kintarou
“What? You’re kinda cool. Me?! I can jump just fine. But you really jump too much!!”

from Nomura Takuya
“Huh you’re also 158cm. I feel kinda close to you since we’re both short. What? “Short” is a taboo?! I’m sorry!”


違う だからいいんじゃない、そう
同じ・・・? ありえないから
熱くなる 冷たくもなれるね 守るのはバランス決めて

Chigau dakara iin ja nai, sou
Onaji…? arienai kara
Atsuku naru tsumetaku mo nareru ne mamoru no wa BALANCE kimete

Different; yes, but isn’t this fine
Same…? That can’t be
We become passionate, but we’re also able to keep our cool
The defensive side decides balance