This is a (growing) collection of all things Prince of Tennis on the internet.

Tenipuri: Prince of Tennis – The series as a whole, often includes Shinteni
Shinteni/Shinpuri: New Prince of Tennis
Tenirabi: New Prince of Tennis RisingBeat, a rhythm/gacha game for mobile.
Tenimyu: Prince of Tennis Musicals

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References & Guides

Prince of Tennis – Wikia The larger wiki! However the information is not necessarily vetted or… Correct. Take info with a grain of salt.
Tenipuri.info (the trustworthy wiki)
The newer fact-based wiki striving to become the main Prince of Tennis authority in English. Please contribute! It’s a fantastic project. Even if you just work on characters/things you care about, it will slowly be built up. Many of the lyrics here come from tenipuri.info.
List of Prince of Tennis Episodes (wikipedia)
List of Prince of Tennis Characters (wikipedia)
Racket and Shoe Guide List of manga-canon rackets and shoes for each character
Tenimyu Wiki not updated recently, has information on actors.

Tenipuri Surfer – Something I made to ease with editing on tenipuri.info. Includes links to all the pairpuris and some other fanbooks, as well as quick copy-paste citation codes. Individual profiles are Hyotei-focused for now.

Not in English:
テニプリDB Tenipuri Database – Japanese Wiki
Teninu Note Japanese Tenipuri Blog
Pixiv Encyclopedia
– – Character List by school, with Kanji and Voice Actor.
Korean Character Database

Anime Watch Guides

Lurk’s Comprehensive Prince of Tennis Watch Guide
This covers literally all of the anime in every form.
Watch Prince of Tennis without being confused by the plot
This tells you what to watch with less filler.

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New Prince of Tennis Rising Beat – Facebook Page. Includes thorough guides, regular updates in English, cards, etc. Best updated resource in English for the game.
New Prince of Tennis Rising Beat – Group – Facebook Group associated with the above page.
English Guide on tumblr. Includes how to install & begin playing the game, and translated card moves.
Story Translation Masterlist FANTASTIC reading, good frequently updated tenipuri content, even if you aren’t a gamer.
Situation Card Checklist A checklist and guide for unlocking situation cards in Tenirabi (and getting bistos).
Tenirabi Card Gallery Images for character cards
Song Masterlist Includes durations and other stats of playable songs in the game, helpful to see what songs are shortest and longest.

Japanese RisingBeat Wiki
Official Twitter @risingbeat_app
Official Website

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Tenipuri Discord
The best place to find information, see fandom announcements
They also have downloads, and you request downloads, etc. Often updated with merch sales, as well.
Tenipuri Zine Discord For zine participants, basically for whatever zine is happening at the time. Art discussion as well.
Tenipuri.Info Wiki Discord For editors, potential editors, or visitors of tenipuri.info.

On Twitter:

Twitter is probably the most active tenipuri fandom space, but I’m certainly biased. Many fans chat and meme around from all over the world, all day long. If you like fandom interaction, it’s the right place. There are also art accounts, meme accounts, etc.
Incorrect Tenirabi
Incorrect Tenipuri
Tenipuri Screenies
Tenipuri Reaction Image Thread

On Tumblr:

The tumblr fandom is fairly active, here is a bit of a guide on how to navigate. Not sure how updated it is, as social networks are ephemeral especially with the recent changes to tumblr.
Tumblr Fandom Guide

On Facebook:

The pages are good resources for all kinds of information, sales, and content sources. The groups are generally closed but easy to be accepted into. You can find uploads and downloads for episodes, music, and more. As for groups, the tenirabi group is perhaps the most active. Most people make a separate account for tenipuri facebooking.

Tenipuri.Tenimyu – Page
New Price of Tennis Rising Beat – Page

New Prince of Tennis Rising Beat – Group
The Prince of Tennis Series and Movies – Group
Prince of Tennis Buy and Sell – Group

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Fun Tools

Prince of Tennis Character Sorter*
Rank your favorite Prince of Tennis characters.
My Prince of Tennis Character Sorter*
Only has middle school regulars
Shinteni Character Sorter*
Rank your favorite New Prince of Tennis (introduced) characters.
Astrology: Birth Chart
According to the birth charts in PairPuri 4, 3rd years born before January were born in 1999. Second years 2000, first years 2001, etc.
Tenipuri Profile Fill-out
Make yourself a profile like a tenipuri boy! Add it to your carrd or something.

*to use on mobile, go to “request desktop site” in your browser)

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Reference/GuidesTenirabiFandomFan ContentFun/Misc.ShoppingTenimyuMusicTranslations


Suruga-ya (everything old and new)
Kinokuniya (books)
Yahoo! Auctions JP (through Buyee)*
Mercari (through Buyee)*

Prince of Tennis Buy and Sell – on Facebook
Tenipuri Goods – on Tumblr

White Rabbit Express – buy through all websites, personalized experience
FROMJAPAN – buy from most websites including otamart, but not mercari
Buyee – buy through most websites, including mercari and otamart

*You don’t necessarily need to purchase Yahoo! Auctions Japan items through Buyee, but its easier to browse the website on Buyee’s platform. For Mercari, however, they have a special arrangement.

Copy-paste search terms

For character name kanji, I made this table. It’s incomplete, look for others on the wikipedia character list.

Prince of Tennis テニスの王子様 Coaster コースター
New Prince of Tennis 新テニスの王子様 Strap ストラップ
Poster ポスター Badge バッジ
Clear File クリアファイル Keychain キーホルダー
Postcard ポストカード Sticker ステッカー
Trading Card トレカ Comic その他コミック
Anime Book アニメブック Accessories 小物
Towel タオル Calendar カレンダー
Figures トレーディングフィギュア Bag バッグ
Pencil Board 下敷き

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Tenimyutopia The go to. You need a livejournal account to join the community, but you can find most downloads and information here.

If you cannot find what you seek there, go on the tenipuri discord. There’s an area for download links and requests and it’s usually tenimyu related. People are delighted to share.

Other links:
How to Join Tenimo (Tenimyu Mobile)

Tenimyu Wiki for actor information. Not up to date with the third season, however.

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