Hyotei Guide 40.5

Fanbook 40.5 pages 260-261, 284-287. Translated by @AT0BE on twitter.

Tennis Club Guide (p. 260-261)

A man that holds the ultimate charisma leads over 200 members!

The noble all-star team has returned and recovered from defeat!!

This year was a very turbulent season for Hyotei. They were defeated by the dark horse Fudomine in the Tokyo regionals and had to accept the consolation slot for the finals. They also lost the Kantou tournament preliminaries. Getting their pride destroyed strengthened their appetite for victory. Lead by Atobe, they once again stand to regain their lost pride!

Hyotei Topics 1

Extra invitations lead them to Nationals!

Being selected for the extra invitation once again opened their cut-short road to Nationals. Their strong desire to go to the nationals brought this opportunity to them. However, being selected to participate as such lead them to vow that they stand on top and show everyone the true strength of Hyotei.

“Hey Atobe! Even if it’s just an extra invitation we can still go to Nationals!!” – Mukahi Gakuto

Even if they were just selected through an extra invitation they still cannot hide their joy.

Hyotei Topics 2

They held the expectations of the entire student body! 

The Hyotei tennis club has focused their lives on club activities.  When the news of them making it to nationals reached the students, the shouts of joy echoed throughout the whole school. The loud cheers gave the club members confidence.

One week with Hyotei’s tennis club!!

Mon– Overall practice (muscle training, basics)
Tues– Overall practice (running, basics)
Wed– Off
Thurs– Overall practice (running, basics)
Fri– 1st and 3rd (of the month), ranking matches, 2nd and 4th off
Sat– Usually off. Practice is held before a tournament.
Sun– Individual practice, practice matches with people outside the club, etc.

*Morning practice: 8~9am (optional) True regulars and semi-regulars may decide what to practice at their discretion.

Memo: Training camps are held three times a year
Spring: Switzerland
Summer: Canada
Winter: Guam

*True regulars and semi-regulars only

Hyotei values autonomy so they allow the players to independently choose their regimens. They can each decide what training to do except for the joint basic training. The regulars can pick any regimen even coaching from pro tennis players if they wanted to.

Close up!! Super Gorgeous! Perfect training environment

An environment where players can comfortably practice; it has a practice area for when it rains and a well lit court for night practices.
There is a place for night trainings until right before tournaments.

Design Details!!

Let’s check out Hyotei Uniforms!

7 lines on the right shoulder
The simple seven lines symbolize the seven regulars of Hyotei.

Ice Blue represents them
The light blue vividly complements the blankness of the white. This is the same color for the jersey that goes on top.

Asymmetrical Design
An exquisite balance between the left and right side leaves a polished feel.


An episode straight from the members!
Mukahi: “Oi Yuushi! Kabaji’s hogging the PC!”
Oshitari: “I think he’s doing Atobe’s daily report…that’s way too long.”

Captain introduction!!

Atobe Keigo (3rd year)
The charismatic man that stands above 200 members, his unparalleled skills and overwhelming presence truly commands attention.

From the coach!

“I only believe in strength. Climb up to the top with your own strength.”

School Guide (p. 284-287)


The finest art will course through your 5 senses
Hyotei Gakuen does not only focus on academics or sports, it also places an emphasis on the arts. We are blessed with an environment where we can experience magnificent art and we should take the opportunity to enjoy it. 

Hyotei Theatre

Classic films are shown in this 150-seater theatre room. 

Since the middle school department’s A/V room has become dated, they are now sharing their facilities with the high school department. This facility is equipped with the latest acoustics and projectors to give off a more realistic experience. 

Event Report

Be awed by the genuine singing voice
July Event: Opera Appreciation 
The event spanned four days and everyone was able to enjoy the brilliance of a live stage. The wonderful grand operas left a deep impression on everyone including the third year students. 

Opera pieces:
1st  years – La Boehme
2nd years – La Traviata
3rd years  – Der Ring des Nibelungen

Akutagawa Jirou (3rd year): “I was really really shocked that opera singers could sing so loud~ I feel kinda bad that I slept in the middle of it~”

Information: Hyotei Theatre Construction Completion Special Ceremony

Day: September 2
Sponsor: Hyotei Middle & High School department
Place: Hyotei Theatre main lobby
Event Outline (starts at 10:30):
Opening Remarks (By High School Department Student Council President) / Guest Acknowledgements / Guest introductions / Tape cutting / Closing Remarks (By Middle School Department Student Council President)

There is a special ceremony held for the sponsors of the joint-use theatre. It may be because they wanted to see the opening of this magnificent facility.

Oshitari Yuushi: “You can watch movies for free, eh? I hope they have romance movies…”


The luxurious food cultivates a rich feeing
Food is an essential part of our lives and being able to enjoy food brings peace to one’s heart. Students are still developing so having a good diet is something they cannot neglect. We should put an effort in having a rich diet.

Enjoy the precious time in the remodeled cafeteria

The place has become more spacious. The cafeteria is located on the first floor and the concessionaires are on the second floor. The students can have an exceptional time relaxing while eating lunch prepared by a top-class chef.

Information: The table etiquette class is currently looking for participants

Paying attention to table etiquette is important when it comes to treating food properly.  This year we will also be holding table etiquette classes for students.  If you want to act properly in a formal setting, please consider joining.

Class Schedule
September: 1st & 3rd Wednesday
October: 2nd & 4th Tuesday 

Shishido Ryo: “They made me join this class last year.  I think eating properly is important but being too stiff is not me.”

Promising a moment of bliss

The Finest Dessert

Fall’s new desert: Gelée Royale 

This unique desert is the creation of a patisserie that trained and stayed in Paris. Its French name means “King’s jelly”.

[Hyotei Gakuen Special]
[Delivers Nationwide]

A crown on top of the Gelée is a decoration.


Enriching elegance through remarkable experiences
The school life of a student can be enriched if they can effectively spend their short time immersing themselves in an excellent environment, even if it’s just for a short period. 

The winter international exchange student programs are now open for applications

To become a person recognized worldwide…
It is important to have a defined goal when participating for the international exchange student program. Depending on their goal, students can choose from the 4 international sister schools listed on the school recommended plan.

<School Recommended Plans>
A course: Language Studies in England
B Course: Music Studies in Austria
C course: Tennis Course in Germany

Ootori Choutarou (2nd year): “Last year I joined the short-term music studies. I cannot forget the shock I had when I went there.”

Music Teacher/Tennis Club Adviser Sakaki Tarou (43): “Excellent experiences make an excellent person. A person need not hesitate when aiming to be the best. One should know how vast the world is.”

Information: Library

The Library’s
French Literature Fair begins

For the bookworms, how about immersing in lyrical melancholy from French literature during fall? Our library boasts the best collection of foreign literature books within Tokyo. We have selected a few works for our main line up.

Main line up:
Romain Rolland / Arthur Rimbaud / Paul Valér / André Paul Guillaume Gide

Cultural Department Member Taki Haginosuke: “Good job liking French Literature. I recommend reading Romain Rolland.”

Beauty & Health

Let’s build beautiful and healthy bodies
Sports is not only about developing the body it is also about the spirit. The joy of winning and the frustration of loss are experiences that cannot be gained in everyday life.  Using those emotions as a source of encouragement, let’s train our mind and body and aim for true healthiness.

The male tennis club is ranked 8th nationwide!!

– Oshitari Yuushi’s S3 match versus Seigaku during the quarterfinal matches.

– Shishido & Ootori Pair’s brilliant win during the D1 match

Irreplaceable experiences learned through sports

Last year ended with good results as the male tennis team surpassed the best 16. Their high level play from the nationals gave us a very irreplaceable excitement. Even though they were unable to win, their tennis will be remembered for bringing honor to Hyotei.

Information: On the spot coverage of the sports meet team selection

The preparations for the October sports meet had finally started. The meeting of the team divison representatives decides the fate of the sports meet matches. This is one of the best moments of fall. The reporting committee is planning to announce that there will also be 3 different teams for this year (red, black and white).

Sports Reporting Member Mukahi Gakuto:
Damn it! Last year I lost to Atobe’s black team but this year my team will definitely win!!

Information: Cultural Festival Schedule Announcement

There will be a 3-day festival this year. Many outsiders have requested to watch exhibition matches. All of the Hyotei students have voted and the chosen sports clubs and players will be announced soon. 

Day 1
Refreshment Stands
Debate Contest
Performance by Hyotei Orchestra

Day 2
Refreshment Stands
Presentation by Different culture clubs
Sports Club’s Exhibition Matches

Day 3
Contest by the Club Opposition
Closing party

Mukahi Gakuto Profile 40.5

Graciously translated by @AT0BE on Twitter.

Mukahi Gakuto

He will never lose in an aerial battle! An acrobat who dances beautifully in the skies


Hyotei Gakuen Middle School, Year 3, Class D, Seat 24
Birthday: September 12 (Virgo)
Blood type: B
Special technique: Moonsault Volley

School committee: Athletics
Worst subjects: Politics & Economics
Most visited place in school: Rooftop
Elementary school: Hyotei Gakuen Elementary School
What he uses his allowance for: Hanging out with friends
Motto: One jump a day (a saying he made up in grade school)
Favorite movie: Spiderman
Favorite book: Shounen manga (sports)
Favorite music: Hip-hop
Ideal date spot: Amusement park (so he can bungee jump)
Thing he wants the most right now: Wings on his back
Daily routine: Sending messages to his friends (around 100 a day)
Dislikes: Ghost stories & his dad
Talents aside from tennis: Skateboarding, street dancing

Personal Data

Height: 158cm
Weight: 48kg
Shoe size: 25cm
Eyesight: Left & Right 1.5
Vertical Jump: 120cm

Jumping power that easily exceeds the average middle school boy!
Despite having one of the smallest frames among the Hyotei regulars, his vertical jumps are the best of the best! At his best, he can even reach Kabaji’s height, who is over 30cm taller than him.

There is no “looking back” in Mukahi’s dictionary. The only thing he learned from experiencing defeat from having low stamina is to shorten his matches. In order to win he aims to get higher and faster!

He doesn’t correct his weaknesses but he strengthens his talents! His refreshing positivity is his strong point.

Let’s Analyze Mukahi!!

Daily Routine: Messaging Friends

He is a straightforward person that gains a lot of friends. He honestly says what is on his mind and it mysteriously draws people toward him. Due to this he has to send about 100 messages a day.

He defends his friends and he is respectful. These are a few reasons why he has a lot of friends.

His Play Style is a Short Decisive Battle

His rash personality brings him misfortune?!

Mukahi’s acrobatic tennis is a talent due to his unique reflexes but his normal behaviors are mostly a reaction to his spinal reflexes. Instead of thinking, his body quickly reacts… His amazing reflexes sometimes cause him to act recklessly which can lead to unexpected misfortune.

A Gaze into Mukahi

Looking Through a Crystal Ball

Short Tempered and Stubborn
On the surface, he has a gentle and delicate image but on the inside he is a little short-tempered and stubborn. That leads him to not whine when he is in front of people. Also, since he has a hasty personality, the actions he takes sometimes have unexpected failures and consequences…

As for love and relationships, he is an idealist with high standards. He can clearly determine what he likes in a person and it slips out, which leads him to trouble, but he never does it out of hate.

A Small Trivia from Oshitari!!

He often runs away from home if he fights with his father.
He is really the type to say whatever he feels and he doesn’t even think of the consequences. But 7 times in one month is too much? The people you can stay with have a limit too.

Opinions from his Rivals!!

from Inui Sadaharu
“I was fooled when Mukahi started jumping during the first half of our matches despite him having low stamina.”

from Tooyama Kintarou
“What? You’re kinda cool. Me?! I can jump just fine. But you really jump too much!!”

from Nomura Takuya
“Huh you’re also 158cm. I feel kinda close to you since we’re both short. What? “Short” is a taboo?! I’m sorry!”

Character Names Kanji

SeigakuFudomineSt. RudolphYamabukiHyoteiRokkakuRikkaiHigaShitenhouji

Seigaku | 青学

Echizen Ryoma越前リョーマ
Tezuka Kunimitsu手塚国光
Oishi Shuichirou大石秀一郎
Fuji Shuusuke不二周助
Kikumaru Eiji菊丸英二
Inui Sadaharu乾貞治
Kawamura Takashi 河村隆
Momoshiro Takeshi 桃城武
Kaidou Kaoru海堂薫

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Tennis Profile Template

Fill out your own profile, like a tenipuri boy!

Personal Information

  • “Give a quote”
  • Birthday:
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Dominant Hand:
  • Blood Type:
  • Shoe Size:
  • Height:
  • Favorite Food:
  • Favorite Color:
  • Favorite Motto:
  • Favorite Movie:
  • Favorite Book:
  • Favorite Music
  • Favorite Type (of person):
  • Favorite Date Spot:
  • Father’s Occupation:
  • School Committee:
  • Best Subject:
  • Worst Subject:
  • Most Visited Spot on Campus:
  • Hobbies:
  • Dislikes:
  • Spends Allowance On:
  • Most Wanted Item:
  • Skills Outside of Tennis:
  • Random Fact: