The History of OshiGaku

In this article I will attempt to document all canon lore (including anime canon) depicting the relationship between Oshitari Yuushi and Mukahi Gakuto. This will be in timeline format for now.

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The Beginning

Spring/Summer 2002

Yuushi and Gakuto are introduced to the world.

They are both first introduced as characters in chapter 118, page 6 of Prince of Tennis. Here is the page featuring Viz’s terrible translation (in the original, Gakuto is saying that Akutsu smoked too much). Gakuto’s very first line is complimenting what Yuushi said.

Summer 2002

Hyotei vs. Seigaku – Kantou Tournament, Doubles 2

Chapter 123, page 10-11. Their doubles match begins.

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October 16, 2002

Their anime debut!

Prince of Tennis, episode 53! This line was NOT in the manga, the anime simply blessed us.

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December 3, 2003

Prince of Tennis Fanbook 20.5 is released!

It includes lots of fantastic character trivia, as well as Yuushi and Gakuto’s first fanbook profiles! (Gakuto’s 20.5 Profile, Yuushi’s 20.5 Profile)

On Gakuto’s profile, page 22-23:

From Oshitari Yuushi: “Occasionally, I wish he would stop going wherever he wants. Oh well, that’s his favorite spot though.”

(TL note: literally “a place he thought about just before”, as in, he doesn’t plan his outings)

Translation by Holy

On Yuushi’s profile, page 20-21, an image caption reads:

As his partner Mukahi points out, it’s rare that he gets serious during a match.

Translation by Holy

Also on Yuushi’s profile, a quote from Gakuto!

From Mukahi Gakuto: “I’m relying on you Yuushi. Ah, but he still hasn’t given something in return for the juice money !!”

Translation by Holy

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December 3, 2003 & December 10, 2003 (The Birth of Dirty Pair)

Episodes 111 and 112 air.

These are filler episodes. In 111, Gakuto watches Yuushi play against Fuji at Seigaku’s mountain training camp. In 112, Yuushi watches Gakuto play against Momoshiro, making all sorts of suggestive comments. My belief is that these episodes are what garnered OshiGaku the title, Dirty Pair.

Here is a video compilation I once made of OshiGaku scenes from the original anime, mostly from those two episodes. I believe this will illustrate the point.

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January 29, 2005

The Prince of Tennis: Futari no Samurai (The Boat Movie) is released.

Yuushi and Gakuto have a very brief appearance where Yuushi is on the phone with Atobe complaining that Seigaku got invited to play tennis on a boat, but Hyotei did not. Gakuto eats takoyaki in the background.


At the same time, Atobe’s Gift is released. Yuushi and Gakuto are seen together a few times.


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December 22, 2005

Gakupuri is released.

Also known as Prince of Tennis: Gakuensai no Oujisama, an otome game for the DS. Even though the MC is dating (or trying to date) Gakuto or Yuushi, in both routes they talk about each other a lot. I have saved some screenshots from Gakuto’s route to illustrate.

At one point, Gakuto is caught training in secret. He reveals to MC that he is training so that he can A. beat Yuushi, and B. to avoid bringing him down as his doubles partner. Gakuto asks her not to tell him.

In another scene, Gakuto decides to put natto in takoyaki. Yuushi hates natto.

At one point, he runs away from home because his dad ate his fried chicken.

On the MC’s library date with Gakuto, Gakuto falls asleep and talks in his sleep about Yuushi, who, in the dream, is doing something to him. Very questionable.

Even at the confession scene at the end, they’re talking about Yuushi.

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Winter 2005-2006

Hyotei play Seigaku at Nationals.

Chapter 277 page 9. Gakuto witnesses Yuushi’s emotional singles match in awe.

Chapter 278, page 6. Gakuto defends Yuushi against their cheeky kouhai Hiyoshi.

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April 2008

Prince of Tennis Fanbook 40.5 is released.

Everyone gets another profile! With additional trivia! Yay lore! On Gakuto’s profile, we learn that his ideal date spot is an amusement park. Also, we get the information that GAKUTO RUNS AWAY FROM HOME, TO YUUSHI’S HOUSE. 7 times in one month. It is later noted in Pairpuri 7 (published in 2011) that close friends Jirou and Shishido both live quite close to Gakuto. Despite this, he goes to Yuushi’s house.

A Small Trivia from Oshitari!!
He often runs away from home if he fights with his father.
He is really the type to say whatever he feels and he doesn’t even think of the consequences. But 7 times in one month is too much? The people you can stay with have a limit too.”

Translated by @AT0BE

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PairPuri Volume 3 featuring the Oshitari cousins is released.

There is a lot to unpack in this one. There are anonymous survey results from members of Hyotei and Shitenhouji about the cousins. One person later identified as Gakuto flat out calls him a pervert.

Megane Man
“This guy collected tons of glasses, he even named every single one of it. Ah, compared to Megane Man, ‘Hentai’ fits him more.”

Translated by naily-n

Yuushi reads Zaizen’s blog, where Zaizen reports secrets of Yuushi’s that only Gakuto could have told him.

Yuushi: Looks like it’s Hyoutei’s win in matters of having good-for-nothing kouhai. Take a look at his blog. ‘He’s only fixated on being fast. I don’t get him at all.’ No matter how I look at this, this has to be about you. What’s this? ‘On top of that, this guy’s cousin is even weirder. The glasses he wears are fake. He even has countless types of the same kind of glasses. He gives names to all the glasses…what a freak.’ …what the heck! The guy who answered with ‘Megane Man’ has to be this guy! ‘I remember I heard about it from the guy who jumps a lot at Hyoutei.’ …G-Gakuto——!”

Translated by Lucathia

On Yuushi’s timeline, one of the first events from age 12 is

“Speaks to Mukahi for the first time by the water tower on the rooftop”

Translated by Lucathia

(This scene was later recreated in the Hyotei vs. Rikkai: Game of Future Part 1 anime OVA, released 11 years later in 2021. More on that later.)

Again on the timeline page is a quote from Gakuto,

Gakuto: “I wonder why I hit it off with such an expressionless guy the first time we met.”

Translated by Lucathia

In the Words for the Two part of the volume, a quote from Gakuto appears.

“That Yuushi, whenever things don’t go his way, he closes himself off! Cut that out and give me back the juice money I lent you!” (Mukahi)

Translated by Lucathia

Sometime in 2011

PairPuri Volume 7 is released.

In this fanbook featuring Jirou and Marui, Gakuto shows up to Jirou’s interview to report that his mom was trying to reach him.

Mukahi: “Ah, it’s fine. I’m playing poker in Yuushi’s room. Shoot, if I don’t return soon, my turn’s going to pass right up! Hey, Jirou, when you’re done, come and return my cell phone to me! *leaves*”

Translated by Lucathia

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August 26, 2011

Prince of Tennis OVA: Another Story II – Ano Toki no Bokura is released.

In episode 4, Yuushi and Gakuto are heavily featured following Jirou to Kanagawa.


Here are some more screenshots.

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February 1, 2012

Episode 5 of the New Prince of Tennis anime airs.

Gakuto and Yuushi exchange a promise of “no hard feelings” before their match to determine which of them leaves the camp.

Gakuto loses. Angst ensues.


OshiGaku canon content dropped off for about 5-6 years after this, up until tenirabi was released. Many fans of the ship regarded this as a terrible stopping point for the two. It is their last appearance together in the anime for the next 9 years.

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The Golden Age of Oshigaku

2017-Present: Tenirabi

Shin-Tennis no Oujisama: Risingbeat: the prince of tennis mobile game is released! It is a rhythm game that features original stories and art that take place at the U-17 camp. Honestly, the task of documenting the OshiGaku lore birthed by this mobile game feels absolutely unsurmountable. You have no idea how much there is. I will include what is most notable!

Gakuto’s Character Story

I highly recommend you read the whole thing for this one. Here is part 3, where Gakuto basically recaps what happens:

Jirou: Welcome back.
Gakuto: Yeah I’m back!
Marui: What’s wrong? You looked pissed.
Gakuto: Listen to this! Yuushi, he…
Jirou: Oh… Oh, yeah. He actually came by earlier.
Gakuto: Yeah! He came by earlier and…
Gakuto: Hm…? Wait, what did you say?
Jirou: He came to this room earlier.
Gakuto: Yuushi came…here?
Marui: Yeah. He came by to check if you made it back here.
Marui: And then when he didn’t see you were here, he went out to go look for you.
Gakuto: …So, he actually wasn’t going on a walk. He also said the moon was beautiful
Marui: Huh… Wonder what he meant by that.
[T/N: Saying “The moon is beautiful” is a Japanese love confession]
Gakuto: (So Yuushi “taking a walk” wasn’t something by chance…)
Gakuto: (He was worried since I hadn’t come back, so then he went to go see what was wrong…?)
Gakuto: (…So that’s what it was.)
Gakuto: (—I’m so fucking mad!!)
Marui: !?
Jirou: Whoa!?
Gakuto: Yuushi always sees right through me!
Marui: H-Hey, where’d that come from? Take it easy now…
Gakuto: No, I’m gonna let it out this time!
Gakuto: I must look like such a weakling to Yuushi!
Gakuto: Before he came along, I could handle shit all by myself!
Gakuto: But then he let me rely on him way too much! He helped me get stronger in tennis too!
Marui & Jirou:
Gakuto: And every time I ran away from home he always let me stay with him!|
Gakuto: I seriously don’t get him at all! I just don’t understand it at all!
Marui: …What a rant.
Marui: You let your anger out, you’re done, so are you satisfied now?
Gakuto: I’m not done! But despite all that, he closed his heart and didn’t show me any mercy in that match we had…
Jirou: Mmm~…
Jirou: He didn’t want to close his heart, he didn’t want to go against you ‘cause you’re precious to him, y’know?
Gakuto: …!
Marui: Wow, he sounds like a really sweet guy.
Gakuto: (…Dammit, I knew it, but even still…)
Jirou: …Huh? Are you all done with the shouting now?
Gakuto: …Sorry about all that. Thanks to you guys, I’ve managed to calm down.
Gakuto: (…I was so harsh with him, but now I know Yuushi really is a sweet guy.)
Gakuto: (But that’s why I never want lose in tennis with him again.)
Gakuto: …Just watch and see, Yuushi. When you and I do doubles again—
Gakuto: When that time comes, I’ll remind you of my power…!

Translated by spicykaraage

First Sunrise – New Years Event

In this event, Yuushi offers Gakuto his blanket.


Gakuto: Don’t bother—Achoo!
Yuushi: What, are you cold?
Gakuto: Huh? No—
Yuushi: Do you want to use my blanket?
Gakuto: Won’t you get cold then?
Yuushi: Don’t worry, I’m warmed up enough.
Gakuto: No, it’s fine. I’ll just drink something warm instead.

Translated by spicykaraage

Moonlight Stage Event

They are very close to each other in the entire event story, but I will provide some excerpts from the end.


Gakuto: *huff*…*huff*…
Yuushi: I was wondering where you went, you look exhausted.
Gakuto: Shut up. That sucked.
Yuushi: You did your best though. I’m all giddy now thanks to watching you.
Gakuto: I can’t describe how good I felt jumping on that stage. Once I went up, so did my excitement.
Gakuto: I’m gonna be honest, I think now a part of me was absolutely itching to be up on that stage.
Yuushi: …Well, let’s head back. Take my hand.
Gakuto: I can get up on my own. …But thank you.
Yuushi: Chocolates’ performance has already started.
Gakuto: Shit, let’s hurry!

Translated by spicykaraage

Yuushi: Gakuto.
Gakuto: What, were you waiting for me.
Yuushi: I didn’t want to interrupt your conversation with Kikumaru.
Yuushi: Well, let’s head back now.
Gakuto: …For some reason, I feel soft and fuzzy inside. As if my wings are growing…
Yuushi: The look on your face tells me you’re happy.
Gakuto: I’m glad we came here today. It was fun.

Translated by spicykaraage

Additionally, here are some cards from the game where they appear together.

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August 2, 2019

Tenipuri Party is released!

A fanbook to celebrate Prince of Tennis‘s 20 year anniversary, featuring new profiles for the top 100 characters voted for in a popularity contest. (Yuushi was 12th, Gakuto 22nd).

On Gakuto’s fashion check, Yuushi comments:

You could say his appearance is cute, but he doesn’t like being told that. (Yuushi)

Translated by Holy

On Yuushi’s fashion check, Gakuto comments:

Oh, isn’t that the bag I chose! So you liked it after all? (Mukahi)

Translated by Holy

In Gakuto’s history, it is marked when he runs away to Yuushi’s house for the first time.

Age 12 – June – Runs to Oshitari’s house for the first time

Translated by Holy

Also in Gakuto’s profile:

Gift he’d give to his dearest: A spare feather from a beautiful bird

Translated by Holy

In Yuushi’s room tour, he shows off his bookmarks.

There are a bunch of bookmarks, in the shape of takoyaki, a feather, one with lilac flowers and three books next to a glass of cola
“I’ll show you my bookmarks and book covers. Whenever I go to a bookstore, they seem to multiply spontaneously. Do you see flashy and interesting ones? I got those from Gakuto and Kenya.”

Translated by Holy

Surprisingly, Yuushi and Gakuto appear in Marui Bunta’s history. (Please remember that, as mentioned earlier, Gakuto’s ideal date spot is an amusement park.)

Age 14 – April – Takes his brothers to an amusement park in Tokyo, encounters Oshitari and Mukahi

Translated by Holy

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February 11, 2021

Hyotei vs. Rikkai: Game of Future Part 1 is released.

This anime OVA is undoubtedly the pinnacle of OshiGaku content. Also, it got dubbed in English!


Gakuto gets frustrated, but even without saying anything Yuushi makes his expression change.

The flashback scene to when they first spoke on the school roof, in this version on the water tower. I’m posting a lot of screenshots because they are very cute.

Yuushi recalls what Gakuto said to him that day about wanting to go even higher. Look at his little face of awe.

After launching Gakuto into the sky like a space rocket, Yuushi catches him as he collapses. They chat a little while Gakuto remains in his arms.

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April 2nd, 2021

Hyotei Club Guide “CALL” is released.

A new fanbook to celebrate Hyotei vs. Rikkai’s release. Rikkai got one too. Not a lot has been translated yet, since the fanbook is so new, but Yuushi’s profile has!

Here, from a Q & A with Yuushi:

… Huh? Could it be that your heart is closed off right now?
To be honest, on my way home from Gakuto’s place, I accidentally dropped my favorite phone card. It was quite rare, so I’m really regretting it… Do let me know if you find it.

Translated by aviseun

In his locker…

[A photo of a printed photo of a bowl of ramen]
→ It’s from a food theme park that he went to with Mukahi-kun and the others. It had a retro atmosphere and was unexpectedly fun, so he also treasures the souvenir.

Translated by aviseun

Also, this:

Oshitari Yuushi’s Journey by Mukahi Gakuto

His ability to control his mentality is even more polished now!
“Yuushi’s special thing is that, no matter the situation, he can silently control the flow of the match and calmly come up with a strategy. He’s elevated his mental strength even more now that he’s been through the training camp and the World Cup. He even safely made it out alive from that Aramenoma encounter…”

Translated by aviseun

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April 14, 2021

Hyotei vs. Rikkai: Game of Future Part 2 is released.

Yuushi and Gakuto watch singles 2 and singles 1 side by side. At the end, before the credits, there’s a montage featuring Rikkai and Hyotei at an onsen after the match. Yuushi and Gakuto are once again side by side in the water, and Gakuto is leaning on Yuushi as they watch Kirihara and Hiyoshi play ping pong. KiriHiyo and OshiGaku in a single image? This is the most Meteorlattecore image on

Anyway. Them.

gakuto leaning into yuushi

Thank you for reading this far! This history only covers canon, it does not include their character songs together or their official art, but I may pay tribute to that on another occasion. If I’m missing something, which is quite possible, please let me know! I hope this has been informative.

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